We are pleased you have decided to join our team. At the State of Delaware we invest in our people and support them in and outside of the office. We offer comprehensive benefit plans that will give you peace of mind and security. As you start your career with the state we know you will be curious about your benefits, policies, state services and more. This page is designed to be your resource for valuable information as you start your career. We think the best way to do that is to provide you with resources that you can access whenever you need support or information. To simplify the process, here are three quick checklists of things to remember at different stages of your orientation.

Your Checklists

You've come to the right place in the First State

Our goal is to make you comfortable in your new position.

Below you will find quick links to resources that you may find helpful throughout your career with the State of Delaware.

Congratulations and Welcome to the State of Delaware!

Use this website and the new employee orientation to complete your new hire documents, understand your benefits, know your responsibilities as a new state employee and familiarize yourself with state government.

To get started:

Complete the New Employee Orientation Modules
Select the icon at the top of this page to start our New Employee Orientation (NEO). Please read the instruction page for best tips on viewing the presentation before you start the orientation. The orientation is broken into five modules so you can complete them at your own pace. After completing the orientation, make sure you submit all required paperwork to your agency's Human Resource Benefits Representative (HR/Ben Rep) by the required deadlines. We have checklists that will help you along the way.

Forgot to print the forms while viewing the orientation?
Select the "Forms" tab and you will be able to find all of the necessary forms that you need to submit to your agency's HR/Ben Rep in order to complete your new hire process.

Need to review your benefit options?
Select the "Benefits" tab to view links to our Statewide Benefits webpage. Your benefits are an important part of your employment package with the State and this website includes a wealth of information about each of these programs. Feel free to contact the Statewide Benefits Office or contact the vendors directly for more detailed information. Remember, you can also go back into the modules at anytime to help answer your questions.

Need to know your responsibilities as outlined in the Policies and Procedures?
Select the "Policies and Procedures" tab to get links to our Human Resource Management website where you will find statewide policies and procedures, Merit Rules, Delaware Code and the Human Resources Procedures Manual. Remember, your agency may also have internal policies and procedures so go to your agency's intranet page to find that information (Your manager can help you find this page if you need assistance).

Need more information?
Select the "Other Resources" tab and it will provide you with information that you may find useful as you start employment with the State. Remember, you can always contact you agency's HR/Ben Rep if you need additional help.

Statewide Training's mission is to provide educational, training, and career development opportunities for managers and employees that support state agency missions, and result in improved performance of state government. The Delaware Learning Center is your one-stop portal for continuing education with the state. As a new employee, when you first access the Learning Center you will be given the opportunity to take a quick tutorial (recommended). If you encounter any problems using the site, email Statewide Training.

Training schedules and opportunities can be viewed on the Delaware Learning Center.

The following login instructions are be used for all employees choosing to complete the mandatory training courses prior to obtaining their personal State email account:

  1. Select the Standard Login button.
  2. Username: Enter your Employee ID #
  3. Password: P4ssw0rd (use zero for 0)
  4. You will then be prompted to create a new password.
  5. Employees will continue to use this login information until their personal State email account/address has been issued.

The following login instructions are to be used for all employees with a current State email account:

  1. Select the State Single Sign-On button.
  2. If you are logged into your work PC that is connected to the State's network, you will be able to access the training site without any additional steps.
  3. If you are not logged into the State's network or are accessing the training from home/offsite, you will be taken to another screen where you will be required to enter your State email address as the Username and your network password as the Password.

Required Delaware Learning Center Training (DLC) for New Employees:

Required New Employee Training not on DLC

Recommended Delaware Learning Center Training for New Employees:

This website is not intended to provide any rights to State of Delaware employees. If you are an employee covered by a collective bargaining agreement, that agreement may supersede some of the information contained on this site.